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We will make sure your business name is available in your state. This can be changed later if necessary.
If you are forming a business entity, the address you use will determine the state in which your business entity will be formed. Each state has specific fees and guidelines associated with forming business entities. If you aren't sure yet, use your personal address. This can be changed later.
Give us an idea of the types of goods or services your business will provide and what clientele you will serve.

Do You Prefer The Basic or The Premium Package?

The Basic Package includes...

  • The Article of Formation Document
  • A Business Name Check to confirm your chosen business name is available
  • A Digital Welcome Packet with a step-by-step checklist to follow once your business entity is formed

The Premium Package includes...

  • All the above plus...
  • An Employer Identification Number (EIN) used to file taxes, open a bank account, and build your staff
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Business Licenses needed for your business type and location
  • A Free Consultation for hands-on guidance

NOTE: There will also be state filing fees which vary by state. We will contact you concerning these fees within 24 hours.

Who is Your Registered Agent?

Every business must have a registered agent to designate an official address for receiving crucial documents, including legal notices. It's not just a formality; it's the law. Consider using BizBildr as your registered agent.

Why Choose BizBildr?

Choose us as your Registered Agent and experience hassle-free business operations. It's not just a legal requirement—it's a smart move for your business. With us, you're in trusted hands.

  • Compliance made easy: Most of our clients trust us with this essential service.
  • Transparent pricing: Enjoy the first year free, then just $200 annually with auto-renewal. No hidden charges.
  • Flexibility: Cancel anytime online or over the phone, once you've designated a new registered agent.
  • Stay focused on growing your business, and let us handle the rest!

Thinking of Using or Being Your Own Registered Agent?

You can do that, but there are compelling reasons to consider a professional:

  • Using a registered agent is a legal mandate across all states.
  • A registered agent shields your business from pitfalls like license revocation, fines, and other penalties.
  • Using us as your registered agent can keep your address private and reduce unsolicited mail.

Got questions? Call us for help at (713) 562-6460.

*By choosing the "Use BizBildr" option, you will receive the first year free, then just $200 annually with auto-renewal.
*Filing date must be within 2 to 90 days of today's date.

Free One-Hour Consultation

With the other guys, it can be really tough to get a real person on the phone. At BizBildr, we are always available.

If you'd like, we'll give you a call soon and help you make the right choices as you start your business.

If you don't want that help now, that's fine. You can always get it later!

Remember, it's FREE.

Chart Your Path to Success with a Tailored Business Plan

Every successful venture starts with a clear vision. Let us be your guiding hand in crafting that vision into a comprehensive business plan, tailored just for you. Our seasoned team is committed to understanding your unique needs. Through dedicated phone or Zoom sessions, we'll be with you from the first draft to the final touch.

And our support doesn't end there. Benefit from a 90-day post-completion consultation, ensuring your plan remains adaptable and resilient.

Your Business Plan will feature:

  • An engaging Executive Summary.
  • Detailed company overview, including location and operations.
  • Insightful industry outlook.
  • Strategic blueprints for business and marketing.
  • In-depth competitive analysis.
  • Identification of potential risks with proactive solutions.
  • Overview of management and staffing.
  • Robust five-year financial forecasts, encompassing everything from fund allocation to sensitivity analysis.

Ready to embark on your journey to success? Click 'yes' below. We're eager to discuss specifics, address any queries, and do it all on a budget that fuels your growth.

Developing Your Business Website

In today's digital world, your business's online presence is more crucial than ever. A stellar website isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. It's often the first impression you make, and with BizBildr, you're ensured it's a lasting one.

While BizBildr focuses on management consulting and business formation, we understand the importance of a strong website. That's why we've partnered with RaaMellon, experts in website creation and maintenance.

You'll Get:

  • Eye-catching graphics and logo design.
  • Expert copywriting to engage your audience.
  • SEO integration to boost your online visibility.
  • Seamless website flow for an intuitive user experience.
  • Customized forms (like this one) tailored to your business needs.

Don't leave your online image to chance. Let BizBildr and RaaMellon ensure you put your best foot forward in the digital space.

Click "yes" now and we'll have RaaMellon reach out to you (there's no commitment now).

Would You Like Expedited Filing?

Standard filing takes up to 14 days. Expedited filing is $45 and is completed in just 3 days.

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